La Rochere Ouessant Tea Infuser Glass Mug



The classic Ouessant tea infuser mug, made of pressed & durable glass, resistant up to 120°c. Its large stainless steel filter allows the loose tea leaves to unfold and reveal all their aromas. Extra fine holes keep even very fine-leaved tea, eg, Herbal teas, Green teas, Rooibos.

Enjoy your favourite teas with this elegance glass mug with sleek embossed lines, classic silhouette and curved handle. Accompanied by an acacia wood cover which also serves as a drip dish. The perfect gift for tea lover.

Made in France

About La Rochère:
La Rochère has been producing artisanal glass in the heart of France for more than 500 years. Recognized around the world for designing and producing authentic, high quality glassware for today’s modern home. Nestled in the forests of the Lorraine and Franche-Comté region of France, La Rochère produces all of its glassware in-house. Surrounding forests provide natural materials needed to fuse the glass, such as silica sand and soil, along with firewood and ferns to heat the furnaces. Using a custom manufacturing process, pieces are created with a two-part open mold, giving them the brand’s iconic seam. The result is superior quality glass, known for its exceptional clarity, brilliance, durability and authentic French style.