24 Organic Compressed tea set


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A discovery box of 24 nests of compressed teas that honors an ancestral Chinese technique. At the time of the Tang Dynasty, tea was compressed to facilitate its transport throughout the empire. This know-how included a long-lasting fermentation in the dark, the tea improving over time like good wines! A collection presented in its case where you can discover 4 nests of teas with exceptional flavors.

Preparation tips: Place a nest in a teapot, pour the hot water for the tea to unfold and let it steep.
* 2 Nests for 1 litre of tea *

- Natural Green Tea: 85/90°C – 3-5min
   Ingredient: green tea (China) 100%

- Natural Black Tea: 90°C – 3-5min
   Ingredient: black tea (China) 100%

- Black tea with spices: 90°C – 3-5min
   Ingredients: black tea (China) 77%, cinnamon, ginger

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