Organic & Natural Tea Shop from France

terre d’Oc travelled from Haute de Provence in France to every corner of the world to discover the best organic tea gardens in every region. From English breakfast tea and First flush Darjeeling to Japanese Matcha and South African Rooibos, every tea is hand-harvested from premium gardens to give you an unforgettable drinking experience. terre d’Oc’s tea collection is a delicate creation handcrafted by talented sommeliers who expertise in blending and balancing the beautiful flavours of tea, fruit, herbs, and spices.


What makes terre d’Oc different from other tea stores?

Deeply influenced by French tea culture and its emphasis on aroma and the savoir-faire way of crafting tea, terre d’Oc instils its products with a kind of meticulous attention to finer shades of taste and scent that is rarely found in other tea shops in Hong Kong.

The hand-picked high-quality teas are coming from organic tea gardens all over the world. All teas are free of pesticides, certified organic by Ecocert. terre d’Oc factory in Provence is committed to environmentally friendly production. The factory has obtained ISO 14 001 (environmental protection) certification since 2009.

Born in Provence, Valérie Roubaud, founder of terre d'oc and a committee member of several fair-trade organisations, proudly led a team full of artistic and talented individuals who share her vision and recognise the importance of gratitude towards people and the environment.

Learn more about terre d’Oc’s culture and philosophy here.

Where should I start on terre d’Oc’s tea collection?

From French herbal tea and traditional single-origin to special blends, our extensive tea collection draws inspiration from various regions of the world and their historical tea culture. Aside from getting your favourite blend, discover our recommended tea collection and gift sets to broaden your tea palette. Experiment, explore, and fall in love with a new tea and the rich culture that it comes from.

Where does your tea come from?

Though initially inspired by French tea culture, our passion for tea expanded beyond any boundaries and horizons. We’ve dedicated over twenty years of our lives to learning different tea cultures from around the world and finding the best sources to deliver them to you in the highest quality possible. Our tea collection consists of premium teas and natural ingredients from France, China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, all blended and perfected in our workshops in France.

What is the difference between a tisane and traditional tea?

Herbal teas, also called tisane, do not contain actual tea leaves but instead uses the leaves, roots, flowers, spices, and berries of a variety of other plants. Tisane’s wide variety of ingredients means it can offer an incredible range of flavours to choose from, such as floral, herbal, spicy, tangy, and more. Naturally caffeine-free, tisanes are a perfect drink to enjoy any time of the day.

Tisane’s versatility also means you can brew or infuse it using various methods like your tea. Warm up your body with a hot cup in the morning, or freshen up with a delicious iced tisane or cold brew.

Are terre d’Oc products sustainable?

terre d’Oc is dedicated to bringing you a socially responsible and environmentally friendly collection of tea products.

From farming to production, and all the way to packaging, every aspect of our product is committed to being transparent, eco-friendly, and contributive to the fair trade movement. Learn more about terre d’Oc’s sustainability practices here.

Where can I find terre d’Oc’s tea shop in Hong Kong?

Shop: A11a Lab Concept, Queensway Plaza, Admiralty. Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am - 7:30pm.

Please browse through our on-line tea shop for Hong Kong and order your favourite teas. Enjoy free shipping upon net purchase of HK$250.

In addition, we will showcase our collections from time to time at pop-up tea stores in shopping malls or department stores. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the details and locations.