Daring Jasmine Capilla Diffuser 100ml


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A fresh flowery fragrance where the delicate notes of water flowers blend with the bewitching scent of sun-kissed jasmine petals.

Fragrance created by perfume: Emilie Bouge

Scent: Floral, fresh & aquatic

  • Top: Lotus flowers, summer orange
  • Middle: Waterlily, papyrus, star jasmine
  • Bottom: Lily, orange blossom, ylang ylang

This fragrance diffuser Capilla is made up of a 100 ml fragrance bottle, 10 rattan stems and a spiral. The stems absorb the fragrance through a system of capillarity and distil it day after day into the air. Arrange the stems aesthetically in the vase. For a gentler, slower diffusion, use only part of the stems in the tube.

The diffuser glass bottle is presented in an elegant, modern gradient lacquering, a special technical know-how of glass Made in France.

Approximately 4-6 weeks of diffusion.

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