Orange Blossom Capilla diffuser 200ml


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Nerolina embodies the feminine creative power of softness and sensuality. A luminous floral heart around orange blossom, both comforting and opulent, on a base of musk mixed with cedar for an addictive and unexpected signature. For a refined floral ambience.

Scent: Floral, soft, sensual

100% Natural fragrance

  • Top notes: Bergamot, petit grain
  • Middle notes: White flowers, neroli, orange blossom
  • Bottom notes: Musk, cedar

This fragrance diffuser Capilla is made up of a 200 ml fragrance bottle, 10 rattan stems and a spiral. The stems absorb the fragrance through a system of capillarity and distil it day after day into the air. Arrange the stems aesthetically in the vase. For a gentler, slower diffusion, use only part of the stems in the tube.

The diffuser glass bottle is presented in an elegant, simple translucent glass bottle.

Natural plant stems from fair trade. Eco-designed packaging. Reusable glass.

Approximately 8 weeks of diffusion.

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