Organic green tea with Poppy Flowers


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A green tea adorned with poppy petals, the infusion of which exudes a stunning black colour so unique to poppies. It delights the palate with a deliciously floral fine tuned note and a long finish.

Flower expression
The poppy embodies the strength and perseverance that can be hidden behind apparent vulnerability. This flower is thus offered to a loved one to bring them courage and remind them of their ability to overcome all trials.  

Brewing Suggestion
1. Water temperature at 85°C.
2. 2g of tea leaves per 250ml water.
3. Steep for 3 minutes.

Flower Origin: Morocco

Infusion Colour: Black smokes

Floral & elegant

Green tea* 75%, Corn Poppy* 20%, Geranium Extract*.

*Ingredient from organic farming

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