Organic black tea with Ylang-Ylang Flowers


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A floral symphony from which emanates the bewitching scent of ylang-ylang... A liquor with a golden colour like the dress worn by the «flower of flowers» once it has bloomed. The sensual and fragrant character of ylang-ylang unites with gourmet vanilla nuances on your palate.

Flower expression
In Indonesia, the ylang-ylang flower is seen as the flower of love and passion. It is customary to sprinkle them on newlyweds’ beds..

Brewing Suggestion

1. Water temperature at 90°C.

2. 2g of tea leaves per 250ml water.

3. Steep for 3 minutes.

Flower Origin: Egypt
Infusion Colour: Amber yellow
Floral & Gourmet


Black tea* 91.5%, Natural Vanilla Flavour*, Marigold Petals*, Ylang Ylang essential oils* 1.5%.

*Ingredient from organic farming

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