Discovery set of 48 Organic Hospitality teabags


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Tea is the universal symbol of hospitality, sharing and traditions. Let our organic tea bags inspired by east to west culture accompany you to a great journey. There are total 48 teabags containing 6 flavours which give you extraordinary experience of blended teas made in France.

  • Organic Bai Mu Dan White tea with peach and apricot flavours - 8 x 1.4g
  • Organic Bai Mu Dan White tea with orange blossom flavour - 8 x 1.4g
  • Organic Sri Lanka Black tea with cinnamon - 8 x 2g
  • Organic Russian style Black tea with Citrus fruits - 8 x 2g
  • Organic Japanese Genmaïcha Green Tea - 8 x 2g
  • Organic Green Gunpowder tea with Mint - 8 x 2g

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