Organic tea and rooibos jellies set


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A delicious trio of jellies made from the infusion of our all time favourite organic teas and rooibos. The pleasure of finding your beloved hospitality teas and a new way of using them. The infusions are cooked with organic cane sugar and a 100% vegetable jelling agent to give them this smooth, deliciously generous jelly.

  • Organic white tea jelly peach apricot flavour 110 g
  • Organic rooibos jelly vanilla flavour 110 g
  • Organic black tea jelly 10 citrus fruits flavour 110 g
How to enjoy the tea jellies?
  1. Spread on scones, bread or toast.
  2. Add to yogurt & desserts
  3. Add to sweeten tea, instead of honey or sugar


*Ingredients for organic farming.

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