Organic green tea with Lorraine mirabelle plum


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A creation that reveals the sweet and slightly acidic tones of the mirabelle plum. A true emblem of the Lorraine region, the intense aroma of this small yellow fruit is a perfect match for the subtle, plant-based notes of organic green tea.

Végétal & delicate: The 100% natural aroma of this tea comes from certified Lorraine mirabelle plums.

Brewing Suggestion
1. Water temperature at 85°C.
2. 1 teabag per 250ml water.
3. Steep for 3 minutes.

Green Tea* (china) 91%, Natural Mirabelle Plum Flavour" 5%, Natural Peach Flavour*. "
made From Mirabelle Plums From Lorraine PGI.

*Ingredient from organic farming

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