Mate & Rooibos Infusion set with double-walled glass flask


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An appetizing assortment of maté and rooibos that will take you on an unexpected journey. Let yourself be lulled by the sweet and musky fragrances of these unique and stunning world flavours.

* A pretty double-walled glass isothermal flask accompanies this duo of very palatable infusions. 330ml

* Maté with powerful, vegetal and zesty scent of mint and citron 50g

* Mango and passion fruit flavoured Rooibos 60g

* All ingredients from organic farming.

Double-walled thermo glass flask

An elegant insulating flask made of double walled glass, perfect to take with you and keep your tea hot or cold.  Made with high quality and durable glass.  Free from Bisphenol A, PVC, phtalates or lead.  No taste transfer. 

Stainless steel tea filter included.  Convenient to prepare your favourite teas at your office, on-the-go, having a picnic... 

330ml . 11.15 Fl Oz

Material: borosilicate glass, stainless steel filter, cork bamboo lid

Precautions for use: Be very careful when using hot drinks (risk of scalding).

Cleaning: Before first use, wash all parts in hot soapy water. After washing, leave the lid to dry well and throw away if cracks appear.

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