White tea cotton Organic eau du parfum 100ml


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Udani is a poetic creation imagined in the heart of a tea garden under a misty sky. A soft, loving fragrance where the floral scents of fluffy white tea leaves mingle with exquisite notes of apricot, rose and violet on a powdery vanilla musk base. The warm fragrance brings a comforting mood. Udani, a vibrant tribute to our tea pickers in Sri Lanka, where women cultivate tea and hand-pick the delicate spring buds according to age-old traditions.

Scent: Flower powdery, delicate, sweet

  • Top notes: Tea, abricot
  • Middle notes: Rose, peony & hawthorn, violette, Osmanthus flower
  • Bottom notes: Sandalwood, cedre, white musk, vanilla

100% Natural fragrance with COSMOS organic certified.

The blending of noble essences requires a great deal of skill and creativity.

Recyclable glass bottle. Picturesque packaging to showcase the elegant perfume bottle. Eco-designed packaging.

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