Flavouring in Grasse with 100% natural organic ingredients

Inspired by a very ancient Chinese tradition where fresh flowers (rose, jasmine, chrysanthemum) are added to tea, flavourists formulate aromas to give our teas a touch of delight and refinement.

Made in Grasse, where the know-how of Perfume creation is listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, our aromas only contain natural organic ingredients and are produced from fruit extracts, spices, flowers and leaves.

The flavourist's work is similar to that of the perfumer. Using all their talents, they enhance the taste of the tea leaf and the flavour of the aroma, in a marriage which requires inspiration and daring! Highly concentrated, the aromas are then sprayed delicately on the organic tea leaves in our workshops in Haute-Provence.

Our Beloved Peach & Apricot White Peony Tea

Peaches, originally from China, has thousands of years’ history. Cultivated for the first time almost 4000 years ago, it symbolizes sweetness and fertility. Through its travels across continents, it has become a fruit appreciated throughout the world.

The flavours are certified *from organic farming* of our peach-apricot flavoured white tea are made from a delicate natural aromatic association based on "organic" extracts from the maceration of peach and apricot flesh.