Testimony of Audrey - Marketing Manger at terre d’Oc


Audrey H.

My daily routine starts with “marathon” preparation every morning for my 2 children aged 11 and 4, we go to the village school for a drop-off before the gate closes.

It's 8:30 a.m., I relax and listen to my favourite music on the road on the sublime horizon that connects Manosque to Villeneuve, with the Southern Alps ranges in sight.

I arrive at terre d’Oc. I cross the enchanting garden of the factory, bordered by a small fountain, I open the doors and find the perfume "terre d'oc". And yes, there is a unique perfume that floats throughout the factory. A joyful mix of herbaceous, floral and fruity notes...

I enter my office in the middle of open space and meet my colleagues. My desk is surrounded by a team of passionate and professional product creator!

Our great team of creation: Virginie, Sarah and Cécile in the compliance and quality department, Nath, Sam, Eléonore are designers of our unique, colorful and inspired packaging, Laurence in purchasing, in close contact with all our suppliers, and Emmanuelle who passionately manages the entire sustainable development aspect and finally Noël, the resilient guy, our designer in packaging design and project management.

My job is marketing communications, website management and collaboration with Pauline and her team for social media and networks.

How should we continue to communicate with you? Through our newsletters, posting inspiring photos of our teas? We would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts. We will continue to bring colours and humanity to you through our organic teas. Let's support ourselves from the bottom of our hearts, the bond that binds us is so precious!

Audrey H.